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hi there,

if you need us to be a little quicker, please use one of the following options below:

office hours Monday - Friday  (sat/sun: close)
time (HKT) :    10am - 6pm

email :                  hello@eyezolate.com
messenger :        click【blue messenger icon】(in the bottom right corner of the screen )
instagram DM :  @eyezolate_official
wechat ID :          eyezolate


before you email us:

- if you have already registered and ordered, please contact us using your registered email address. Be sure to state with reference your order number, especially if you have ordered from us more than once. 

- if you have questions about reading and filling out your prescription form online, please attach 【a copy of your original prescription】. you can use a photo or scanned image.

- if you're looking to contact us about any non-urgent matters, please complete below form and we will to respond as soon as possible