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often, when you're looking for a new pair of glasses, you will get a big shock from the prices offered by your local optometrist / optical store… right ?

actually ! you don't have to spend that much, particularly if you just need ( most people ) single-vision lenses. buying online prescription eyeglasses can be a cheap way to get your eyewear you need without paying a hefty price.

even though you're shopping online, you still need a valid glasses prescription details ready — typically no more than a year old — to order.  your eye exam payment could wind up being the bulk of your glasses cost, meaning you should spend time shopping around.



at (eyezolate), we offer the following lenses …. ( there are still more to come )



single vision – Single vision lenses are for individuals who have trouble seeing objects at one distance – either up close or far away.  (Most people order eyeglasses with single-vision prescriptions)

refractive index – high-index lenses can be ideal for many people. But, your very first step is to get a fresh eye examination by your local optometrist if you have not had one in the last year.   

we (eyezolate) work with DIAMOND LENS® to bring you the following refractive index and lenses at direct lowest prices.

coating technology  – we (eyezolate) believe that the right lens coating put the perfect finishing touch and better vision to your lenses.  our simple lens coating guide will take your stress out of online shopping !

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